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2,176 Donors Gave $11,669,679

Amount Donor
$1,706,499 Medical Facilities of America (Roanoke)
$869,973 American Healthcare LLC (Roanoke)
$613,950 Rocovich, John G Jr (Roanoke)
$596,566 Blue Ridge Beverage Co - Salem (Salem)
$446,945 Delta Dental Plan of Va (Roanoke)
$400,750 Metis Services Inc (Roanoke)
$298,000 Via, Edward B (Roanoke)
$267,398 Good Fund (Roanoke)
$264,100 Va Laborers Legislative Action Fund (Roanoke)
$249,944 Brock, Thomas R Jr (Roanoke)
$198,177 Suetterlein for Senate - Dave (Roanoke)
$148,902 Cranwell, Dick (Vinton)
$145,333 Leadership Development PAC (Vinton)
$142,550 McNichols, Robert M (Roanoke)
$113,200 McNamara for Delegate - Joe (Roanoke)
$111,600 Republican Party - Roanoke County (Roanoke)
$109,926 Lichtenstein, John E (Roanoke)
$96,809 Cranwell for Delegate - Richard (Vinton)
$95,855 Medlin, Lewis (Vinton)
$89,000 Long Term Care Holdings Inc (Roanoke)

METHODOLOGY: In calculating top donors, VPAP excludes certain receipts. These exclusions are: i) transfers between committees controlled by the same candidate; ii) corporate donations from a company to its PAC; and iii) contributions made to 527 committees. For this reason, dollar totals on this page will be lower than the total displayed on a specific donor’s profile page.