Donations from Energy, Natural Resources

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Amount Donor
$341,184 Electric Utilities
$266,780 Natural Gas
$188,595 Fuel Distributor/Home Heating Oil
$168,230 Coal Mining/Processing
$109,965 Service Stations/Convenience Stores
$41,638 Quarries/Non-Coal Mining
$25,400 Waste Disposal/Landfills
$13,200 Oil Companies/Refineries
$12,930 Water Resources
$12,650 Alternative Energy
$10,110 Miscellaneous Energy/Natural Resources
$6,655 Environmental Engineering/Services
$3,673 Recycling
$971 Energy Services/Independent Electric Producers
$600 Nuclear Energy

METHODOLOGY: In calculating top donors, VPAP excludes certain receipts. These exclusions are: i) transfers between committees controlled by the same candidate; ii) corporate donations from a company to its PAC; and iii) contributions made to 527 committees. For this reason, dollar totals on this page will be lower than the total displayed on a specific donor’s profile page.