Donations from Health Care

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Amount Donor
$2,241,210 Hospitals/Health Systems
$2,105,167 Physicians
$1,032,690 Dentists
$966,884 Nursing Homes
$763,036 HMO's & Medical Plans
$664,124 Pharmaceuticals
$487,356 Medical Supplies
$480,108 Optometrists
$276,098 Mental Health
$273,078 Anesthesiologists
$268,197 Health Care Consultants
$214,381 Pharmacists
$213,555 Ophthalmolgists
$204,229 Miscellaneous Health Care
$199,421 Home Health Care
$157,918 Nurses
$68,360 Medical Labs/Testing
$68,340 Chiropractor
$60,137 Physical Therapists
$30,501 Teaching Hospitals
$10,952 Adult Homes

METHODOLOGY: In calculating top donors, VPAP excludes certain receipts. These exclusions are: i) transfers between committees controlled by the same candidate; ii) corporate donations from a company to its PAC; and iii) contributions made to 527 committees. For this reason, dollar totals on this page will be lower than the total displayed on a specific donor’s profile page.