House of Delegates District 37

Strong Republican
Locality Voters Share of District
Botetourt County 26,924 38.05%
Alleghany County 12,380 17.50%
Rockbridge County (partial) 11,080 15.66%
Lexington City 6,489 9.17%
Buena Vista City 5,354 7.57%
Covington City 4,560 6.44%
Craig County 3,973 5.61%



The US Census Bureau tracks Hispanic/Latino ethnicity separately from race. People who identify as Hispanic/Latino can be of any race.
  • Asian: People who identify as "Asian" alone
  • Black: People who identify as "Black or African American" alone
  • Multiracial: People who identify with two or more race categories
  • Other: People who identify as "American Indian or Alaska Native," "Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander," or "Other Race" alone
  • White: People who identify as "White" alone

Incumbent Delegate(s)

Terry Austin

Next General Election:

Nov. 7, 2023

A pending lawsuit is asking a judge to move up the next House general elections to November 2022.
Under the state constitution, the 2021 House of Delegates elections should have been held in districts redrawn to reflect population changes during the previous decade. But the federal government was late in delivering Census data, leaving Virginia no choice but to hold the 2021 elections in previous districts. A lawsuit filed by former state Democratic Party Chair Paul Goldman asks the court to hold elections in the new districts as soon as possible, in November 2022.

Partisan Lean of HD37 Voters

Estimates of results in statewide elections
2021 Governor
2018 US Senator
2017 Governor
2017 Lt. Governor
2017 Attorney General
2016 US President