House of Delegates District 48

District Index: Strong Democratic
Based on 2016 presidential and 2017 gubernatorial results.

Party Performance in Recent Statewide Elections

Tim Kaine (D)
24,881 75.61%
Corey Stewart (R)
7,197 21.87%
Matt Waters (L)
829 2.52%

Strongly Republican (won by more than 10%)


Strongly Democratic (won by more than 10%)


Strongly Independent (won by more than 10%)


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*Because the State Board of Elections does not compile statewide election results by House of Delegates or State Senate districts, VPAP has calculated and estimated the results based on available information. VPAP uses both registered voter lists and spatial analysis to determine how physical voting precincts are related to their districts. When available, VPAP will first use the percentage of registered voters assigned to a precinct that are within a district at the time of the election in order to determine what percentage of votes to apportion to that district. If that historical relationship of a precinct to a district is unavailable, for example when redistricting occurs, then VPAP will use spatial analysis to determine what percentage of a physical precinct's geometric area is within a district in order to determine what percentage of votes to apportion to that district for past statewide results. VPAP may also cross-reference other data sources, such as the Census, to validate and adjust those spatial calculations.

VPAP does not include Central Absentee Precincts or Provisional Precincts in its calculations.