House of Delegates District 57


Localities that lie in this district

Locality Registered Voters Share of District
Henrico County (partial) 54,268 86.11%
Goochland County (partial) 8,751 13.89%



The US Census Bureau tracks Hispanic/Latino ethnicity separately from race. People who identify as Hispanic/Latino can be of any race.
  • Asian: People who identify as "Asian" alone
  • Black: People who identify as "Black or African American" alone
  • Multiracial: People who identify with two or more race categories
  • Other: People who identify as "American Indian or Alaska Native," "Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander," or "Other Race" alone
  • White: People who identify as "White" alone

Current Representative:

David Owen

Partisan Lean of HD57 Voters

Statewide and Federal Election Results
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2021 Governor
2018 US Senator
2017 Lt. Governor
2017 Attorney General
2017 Governor
2016 US President