Help us make redistricting accessible.

At VPAP, we want to help people understand redistricting and get a sense of how plans submitted by members of the public compare to ones submitted by the Redistricting Commission. To do this, we could use your help.

If you're planning to submit a plan to the Redistricting Commission, we would love to hear from you. Fill out this form and we'll add your plan to our site.

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Your Contact Information

VPAP may need to contact you if there are any discrepancies or questions in the various metrics we calculate for every plan submitted. We also display the Organization name and statement describing your plan on our website. Your personal contact information will not be shared without your consent.

Plan Uploads

Upload (Option 2)
Upload (Option 2)
Upload (Option 2)

Option 1 (recommended): URL

If you created your plan using Dave's Redistricting or DistrictBuilder, you can just send us the URL for your map. (Note: We have some validation in place to ensure that only URLS from these sites are submitted. If you have a URL from a different site, please contact us.)

Option 2: Relationship File

You can also send us files directly. The files we need are:

  1. (Required) Relationship file matching U.S. Census blocks (using the Census's GEOID20 field) to district numbers
  2. (Optional) Any documentation explaining the structure of your files or your field names would be much appreciated.
  3. (Optional) Vector file which has the geometries/shapes of the districts in the form of a shapefile, GeoJSON, TopoJSON, or other similar file format. If any Census blocks are split across multiple districts, then this file is required.
  4. (Optional) Any other supporting files, such as SHX, DBF, etc. that are generated with vector graphics files. If you have any other relationship files, such as precincts to blocks or precincts to districts, then please submit them. Also, any supporting files, such as those listing projected election results, are much appreciated to assist with our analysis.

Please submit your files as a single file or as a ZIP archive.