SBE nows says AB voting up slightly

Trying to answer a simple question -- Is absentee voting up or down in Virginia this year compared to four years ago -- has felt like riding a roll-coaster.

Over the last three weeks, the Virginia State Board of Elections have provided numbers that showed:

  • October 19:  20% UP
  • October 29:  30% DOWN
  • November 2: 13% DOWN
  • November 5:  2% UP

The SBE now says that 427,987 Virginians so far have cast AB ballots this year -- or 7.8 percent of the state's 5.4 million registered voters. (It's possible this number could grow. Though in person AB voting ended Saturday, local registrars still may be processing AB ballots that were received in the mail in time to count)


It's hard to say what the numbers mean, until the AB ballots are tallied -- something that won't happen until Election Day.

Nov. 5, 2012