2018 House Committee Assignments

VPAP has posted committee assignments for the 2018 House of Delegates.


All but two House committees consist of 22 members: 12 Republicans, 10 Democrats.

The two exceptions are:

  • House Courts: Size of committee reduced by four members: 10 Republicans, 8 Democrats
  • House Rules: Size of committee increased by two members: 11 Republicans, 6 Democrats

The assignments include the appointment of six new committee chairs:

  • Courts of Justice: Del. Rob Bell (replaces former Del. Dave Albo)
  • General Laws: Del Chris Peace (succeeds House Majority Leader Todd Gilbert)
  • Militia, Police & Public Safety: Del Ben Cline (replaces former Del. Scott Lingamfelter)
  • Rules: Speaker Kirk Cox (replaces former Speaker Bill Howell)
  • Science & Technology: Del. Roxann Robinson (replaces former Del. Rich Anderson)
  • Transportation: Del. David Yancey (replaces former Del. Ron Villanueva)

Here are senior House members who changed committees:

  • Terry Austin (R): Added to Rules; removed from Science & Technology
  • Lamont Bagby (D): Added to Rules
  • John Bell (D): Added to Appropriations
  • Rob Bloxom (R): Added to Transportation; Removed from Science & Technology
  • Jeff Bourne (D): Added to Commerce & Labor
  • Jennifer Boysko (D): Added to Education
  • Jeff Campbell (R): Added to Health Welfare & Institutions
  • Chris Collins (R): Added to Education; Removed from Counties, Cities & Towns
  • Speaker Kirk Cox (R): Removed from Appropriations
  • Glenn Davis (R): Added to General Laws; Removed from Militia Police & Public Safety
  • Buddy Fowler (R): Added to General Laws; Removed from Militia Police & Public Safety
  • Nick Freitas (R): Added to Militia Police & Public Safety
  • Todd Gilbert (R): Added to Rules; Removed from Militia Police & Public Safety
  • Greg Habeeb (R): Added  to Privileges & Elections; Removed from Transportation
  • Cliff Hayes (D): Added to Appropriations
  • Christopher Head (R): Added to Appropriations; Added to Science & Technology; Removed from Finance
  • Gordon Helsel (R): Added to Education; Removed from Science & Technology
  • Steve Heretick (D): Added to Commerce & Labor; Removed from Science & Technology
  • Patrick Hope (D): Added to General Laws; Removed from Militia Police & Public Safety
  • Paul Krizek (D): Added to Appropriations; Removed from Courts of Justice
  • Jay Leftwich (R): Added to Privileges & Elections; Removed from Science & Technology
  • Mark Levine (D): Added to Militia Police & Public Safety; Removed from Science & Technology
  • Joe Lindsey (D): Added to Finance; Removed from Education
  • Jason Miyares (R): Added to General Laws; Added to Transportation; Removed from Privileges & Elections
  • Will Morefield (R): Added to General Laws
  • Mike Mullin (D): Added to Commerce & Labor
  • Kathleen Murphy (D): Added to General Laws; Added to Transportation; Removed from Finance; Removed from Privileges & Elections
  • Chris Peace (R): Added to Science & Technology
  • Todd Pillion (R): Added to Appropriations; Removed from Counties Cities & Towns
  • Brenda Pogge (R): Removed from Agriculture, Chesapeake & Natural Resources
  • Cia Price (D): Added to General Laws
  • Sam Rasoul (D): Added to Health Welfare & Institutions; Removed from Science & Technology
  • Roxann Robinson (R): Added to Appropriations; Removed from General Laws; Removed from Health Welfare & Institutions
  • Marcus Simon (D): Added to Courts of Justice
  • Luke Torian (D): Added to Rules; Removed from Privileges & Elections
  • David Toscano (D): Added to Commerce & Labor; Removed from Transportation
  • Roslyn Tyler (D): Added to Appropriations; Removed from Commerce & Labor
  • Michael Webert (R): Added to Commerce & Labor; Removed from Agriculture, Chesapeake & Natural Resources

 Here are the committee assignments of freshmen legislators:

  • Dawn Adams (D): Agriculture, Chesapeake & Natural Resources; Militia Police & Public Safety
  • Hala Ayala (D): Finance; Science & Technology
  • Emily Brewer (R): Finance; Militia Police & Public Safety; Science & Technology
  • Jennifer Carroll Foy (D): Courts of Justice; Militia Police & Public Safety
  • Lee Carter (D): Finance; Militia Police & Public Safety
  • Karrie Delaney (D): Health, Welfare & Institutions; Transportation
  • Kelly Fowler (D): Privileges & Elections; Science & Technology
  • Wendy Gooditis (D): Agriculture, Chesapeake & Natural Resources; Science & Technology
  • Elizabeth Guzman (D): Counties, Cities & Towns; Privileges & Elections
  • Chris Hurst (D): Education; Science & Technology
  • Jay Jones (D): Finance; General Laws; Transportation
  • John McGuire (R): Counties, Cities & Towns; Education; Science & Technology
  • David Reid (D): Counties, Cities & Towns; Transportation
  • Debra Rodman (D): Agriculture, Chesapeake & Natural Resources; Education; Health, Welfare & Institutions
  • Danica Roem (D): Counties, Cities & Towns; Science & Technology
  • Bob Thomas (R): Counties, Cities & Towns; Science & Technology; Transportation
  • Kathy Tran (D): Privileges & Elections; Science & Technology
  • Cheryl Turpin (D): Education; Privileges & Elections
  • Schuyler VanValkenburg (D): Education; Privileges & Elections



Jan. 11, 2018

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