Legislator Stock Portfolios

When it comes to stock portfolios, General Assembly members range from pinched to flush.

The chart above shows the minimum value of stocks and bonds reported by the 140 members of the General Assembly.

The snapshot of security portfolios comes from annual financial disclosures that lawmakers are required to file in order to identify potential conflicts of interest. The disclosures also provide insight into the personal wealth of the General Assembly as a whole.

Stock portfolios, of course, are only one measure of personal wealth. Some lawmakers who report no or limited securities have considerable investments in real estate and in businesses of their own. The disclosures are not detailed enough to calculate each lawmaker’s net worth.

To view the security portfolio of a specific member, click here. Select a lawmaker and see if he or she has reported any “Securities, Mutual Funds and Investments.”

Note: The amounts shown are based on broad value ranges – not actual values – provided by legislators. The ranges are: $10,001 - $50,000; $50,001 - $250,000; More than $250,000.Stock ownership information taken from Schedule C of personal financial disclosures filed with House/Senate clerks in January 2012.



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Feb. 27, 2012