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Eight Virginia legislators endorse Biden

By MEL LEONOR, Richmond Times-Dispatch (Metered Paywall - 25 articles a month)

Eight Virginia lawmakers are endorsing former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential bid, Biden’s campaign announced Thursday. The list includes prominent members of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus like Sen. Louise Lucas, D-Portsmouth, president pro tempore of the Senate; Sen. Lionell Spruill, D-Chesapeake; Del. Delores McQuinn, D-Richmond; Del. Roslyn Tyler, D-Sussex; and Del. Cliff Hayes, D-Chesapeake.

VaNews January 16, 2020

Delegates propose raising cigarette tax, banning sales of flavored tobacco products in Virginia


Two Virginia delegates want to increase the cigarette tax by six times its current amount and ban the sales of flavored tobacco products in the commonwealth. Del. Patrick Hope (D-47th) and Del. Cliff Hayes (D-77th) hosted a Tobacco Control Policy Press Conference in Richmond Thursday outlining three tobacco-related bills: raising the cigarette tax to $1.80 (HB1120), creating a statewide retail licensing system (HB1283), and banning the sales of flavored tobacco products (HB1119).

VaNews January 10, 2020

Democrats believe marijuana will be decriminalized in Virginia


Several state Democrats say marijuana reform is likely now that Democrats control both chambers of the General Assembly for the first time in more than two decades. State Senator Louise Lucas (D), Delegate Cliff Hayes (D) and Delegate Don Scott (D) answered questions on the subject for well over an hour Thursday night at Portsmouth Sheriff’s Training Station on Green Street.

VaNews January 3, 2020

The struggle of part-time legislators to take time away

By JORDAN PASCALE, Virginian-Pilot (Metered Paywall - 2 articles a month)

This weekend, 140 lawmakers returned home to their regular lives after 60 days of committee meetings, constitution lobby days, debate and floor sessions. Unlike some states, Virginia relies on part-time citizen legislators who take a month or two out of their lives to serve.

VaNews March 11, 2018

Virginia may raise felony threshold for first time since 1980

By DAVE RESS AND REEMA AMIN, Daily Press (Metered Paywall - 1 article a month)

If a Virginian stole a Commodore Vic-20 computer in 1980, he or she would face up to 20 years in prison. Today, stealing a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses could have the same result. After years of effort to increase the $200 threshold at which theft becomes a felony — long a Democratic priority that has won Republican support in the state Senate — even some longtime skeptics think this might be the year that compromise will carry something through.

VaNews January 22, 2018

Credit freeze fees would be eliminated through General Assembly bill

By BRIANA ADHIKUSUMA , Inside Business

It takes up to $10 to place a security freeze on credit reports. Although it may seem like a small fee, several Virginia House delegates believe it’s unwarranted enough to get rid of altogether. Del. Cliff Hayes Jr., the Democratic representative for parts of Chesapeake and Suffolk in the 77th district, supports House Bill No. 6 which proposes eliminating the fees.

VaNews January 12, 2018

Incumbent Cliff Hayes wins Virginia 77th House District

By AMIR VERA, Virginian-Pilot (Metered Paywall - 2 articles a month)

C.E. “Cliff” Hayes Jr. will keep his seat in the state’s 77th District . The Democratic incumbent was challenged by Jeff B. Staples,

VaNews November 8, 2017

Brewer, Hayes win

By TRACY AGNEW, Suffolk News Herald

Suffolk saw more than 50-percent turnout in Tuesday’s elections, which featured statewide races as well as House of Delegates contests and a few local seats. Suffolk has 56,348 active registered voters. About 28,553 voted in the race for governor, giving the city slightly better than 50-percent turnout.

VaNews November 8, 2017

Green Party candidate races Democrat in 77th race

By AMIR VERA , Virginian-Pilot (Metered Paywall - 2 articles a month)

The race for the state’s 77th District pits a self-described blue-collar Green Party candidate against a Democrat who said he’s been fighting for the district his entire life. Jeff B.Staples is challenging incumbent C.E. “Cliff” Hayes Jr.

VaNews November 1, 2017

New state lawmaker from Hampton Roads working at Norfolk Sheriff's Office

By PATRICK WILSON , Virginian-Pilot (Metered Paywall - 2 articles a month)

Newly-elected Del. Cliff Hayes Jr. of Chesapeake has a job in the Norfolk Sheriff's Office. Sheriff Bob McCabe hired Hayes shortly after Hayes won the Democratic nomination for the seat. Hayes won a Democratic caucus Aug. 16 and began working in the Sheriff's Office on Aug. 23. He won the seat in the 77th District without a challenger Nov. 8, replacing Lionell Spruill Sr., who was elected to the state Senate.

VaNews December 16, 2016