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Roanoke County GOP opts for primary in supervisor races

By ALICIA PETSKA, Roanoke Times (Metered Paywall - 5 articles a month)

For the first time in eight years, Roanoke County Republicans are going with a primary to pick their next slate of nominees for the board of supervisors. Candidates vying for the GOP nomination will appear on the June 13 primary ballot alongside the contenders running for statewide office or House of Delegates.

VaNews January 16, 2017

Supervisor Al Bedrosian doubles down on public prayer

By DAN CASEY, Roanoke Times (Metered Paywall - 5 articles a month)

In case you weren't one of the 14 people at Roanoke County Supervisor Al Bedrosian's press conference Monday afternoon, you need to catch Chase Purdy's story about that. Highlights: Some fellow Republicans aren't too wild about Al's desire to revise the county's nonsectarian policy regarding invocations. Nor do they necessarily cotton to his ideas that Christians deserve top billing for opening prayers, compared to other religions, because of what he calls this nation's "Christian heritage."

VaNews May 14, 2014