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VaNews for David Englin

What's in a name? Write-in votes during last week's election in Virginia

By DAVID SACHS, Alexandria Times

It took just 222 voters in central Virginia to change the disposition of the state Senate — and the direction of the commonwealth — when Republicans nabbed control of the higher house in Richmond during last week’s election. It was a reminder that in a representative democracy every vote counts. Unless those votes were for Kermit T. Frog, Curious George or Elmer Fudd, each of whom received one write-in endorsement to represent Alexandria’s 45th District in Virginia’s House.

VaNews November 15, 2011

Election Day blues

By DERRICK PERKINS, Alexandria Times

Don’t expect to see droves stampeding toward local precincts to cast ballots for state and local seats when the polls open Tuesday. It’s an off-year election in which the most hotly contested race is for the nonpartisan clerk of Alexandria’s circuit court.

VaNews November 4, 2011