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VaNews for 2011 Loudoun County Supervisor Chairperson (At Large) - Regular General and 2011 Loudoun County Supervisor Chairperson (At Large) - Regular Primary

Loudoun Republicans Sweep Board, Chapman Wins Sheriff’s Race


The pendulum of Loudoun politics swung again this year, and it swung hard. Voters this week gave Republican candidates an unprecedented sweep of the Board of Supervisors seats. 2011 was the third election in a row that represented a partisan pendulum swing for the county government.

VaNews November 9, 2011

Incumbents fare well in many Northern Va. races, but Loudoun is an exception

By CAITLIN GIBSON, Washington Post (Metered Paywall - 3 articles a month)

Across much of Northern Virginia, Tuesday’s election reaffirmed the public’s support of incumbents in many local races — with the notable exception of Loudoun County, where residents bucked the trend and ousted several long-serving county officials.

VaNews November 10, 2011