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VaNews for 2013 House of Delegates - District 22 - Regular General

Byron defeats Cyphert for re-election to 22nd House District

By RAY REED, News & Advance (Metered Paywall - 18 articles a month)

Del. Kathy Byron, whose abortion-related legislation provided fuel to the campaigns of Democratic candidates in other parts of Virginia this fall, easily won re-election Tuesday in the 22nd House District.

VaNews November 6, 2013

Transvaginal ultrasound bill sparks first challenge in decade in 22nd District

By ZACH CRIZER, Roanoke Times (Metered Paywall - 5 articles a month)

After sponsoring a bill that required women seeking an abortion to receive a transvaginal ultrasound, Del. Kathy Byron is facing her first challenge in more than a decade. Katie Webb Cyphert, a Democrat who lives in Lynchburg and works as a middle school teacher there, has mounted a campaign in the state’s 22nd House of Delegates District based around the idea that she would try to keep legislators out of family issues.

VaNews October 30, 2013

Virginia House of Delegates, 22nd District

Altavista Journal

In the race for the 22nd District seat in the House of Delegates, Republican incumbent Kathy J. Byron is facing a challenge from Democrat Katherine Webb Cyphert. In Campbell County, the district includes the Brookville, New London, Walker, Spring Hill and Kings precincts. The district also covers portions of Bedford and Franklin counties and Lynchburg.

VaNews October 24, 2013

Byron, Cyphert discuss key topics at forum

By RAY REED, News & Advance (Metered Paywall - 18 articles a month)

Del. Kathy Byron and Democratic challenger Katie Webb Cyphert took opposing stands on legislative seniority, ways to fix higher education, and state tax reform during a forum Tuesday night at Smith Mountain Lake. Byron, R-Bedford County, said her 14 years in the General Assembly would rank her 14th in the House of Delegates and make her the longest-serving legislator from the Central Virginia region.

VaNews October 9, 2013

Two House of Delegates candidates appear at Jefferson Assembly

By RAY REED, News & Advance (Metered Paywall - 18 articles a month)

Two House of Delegates candidates, who have been campaigning door-to-door in the 22nd District, talked about issues and avoided confrontation Thursday during their first joint appearance at the Jefferson Assembly gathering in Forest. Democratic challenger Katie Webb Cyphert thanked the Lynchburg Regional Chamber of Commerce, the event’s organizer, for sponsoring education-related programs and scholarships.

VaNews September 20, 2013

22nd House race is high dollar

By RAY REED, News & Advance (Metered Paywall - 18 articles a month)

The House of Delegates election between Democrat Katie Webb Cyphert and Del. Kathy Byron, R-Bedford County, is among the state’s more competitive races in terms of fund raising. Cyphert’s $54,000 cash-on-hand total at the end of August ranked seventh among challengers in the 57 House contests.

VaNews September 18, 2013

Candidates speak at Voters League forum

By RAY REED, News & Advance (Metered Paywall - 18 articles a month)

About 40 people at a Lynchburg Voters League forum heard a dozen political candidates, or their surrogates, bid for votes Tuesday night in a discussion that became heated when two criticized the federal health care plan. Members of the audience interrupted Jonathan Parrish, a Libertarian candidate for the House of Delegates in Lynchburg, and Jeff Ryer, a surrogate representing Del. Kathy Byron, when they asserted the federal plan would result in people losing their doctors — causing the forum’s moderator to remind the crowd to respect differing opinions.

VaNews September 11, 2013

Lynchburg woman opposing Byron for 22nd District House seat

By RAY REED, News & Advance (Metered Paywall - 18 articles a month)

Katie Webb Cyphert, a Lynchburg teacher and insurance salesperson, announced Monday that she’s a candidate for the House of Delegates seat held by Del. Kathy Byron, R-Bedford County. Addressing about 75 people in the Anne Spencer Garden on Pierce Street, Cyphert said, “My children deserve a better future than the one our local representatives are busy creating.”

VaNews May 14, 2013

Byron announces she'll run again

By RAY REED, News & Advance (Metered Paywall - 18 articles a month)

Del. Kathy Byron, R-Bedford County, announced Wednesday she will seek re-election to an eighth term in the Virginia House of Delegates. Byron already has secured the Republican nomination for the November general election.

VaNews April 11, 2013

Lawmakers OK agency to oversee federal health insurance

By RAY REED, News & Advance (Metered Paywall - 18 articles a month)

With some legislators saying a federal health-care exchange is likely to be set up in Virginia next year, lawmakers agreed to create a state panel to monitor insurance companies that provide the health insurance. Del. Kathy Byron, R-Bedford County, said it’s likely Virginia will need a Health Insurance Reform Commission to keep an eye on what happens under the federal health care law, which is scheduled to launch a health-insurance-for-everyone program next January.

VaNews January 25, 2013