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VaNews for 2015 James City County Supervisor (Stonehouse) - Regular General

Republicans take charge in James City

By STEVE VAUGHAN, Virginia Gazette (Metered Paywall - 4 Articles per Month)

Republicans wasted little time taking advantage of their new 3-2 majority on the Board of Supervisors, which will change to 4-1 unless Jamestown District incumbent Jim Icenhour prevails on an expected recount on the election he narrowly lost last week. At the motion of Berkeley District Supervisor Mary Jones, Stonehouse District Supervisor Jim Kennedy took the chairman's gavel from Roberts District Supervisor John McGlennon Tuesday night. The three Republicans, Jones, Kennedy and new Powhatan District supervisor Michael Hipple voted yes, while Icenhour abstained and McGlennon voted "n."

VaNews November 13, 2013