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VaNews for 2019 Henrico County Supervisor (Tuckahoe) - Regular General

Henrico board punts on ‘sanctuary’ status, adopts resolution supporting constitutions

By TOM LAPPAS, Henrico Citizen

Dozens of Second Amendment supporters urged Henrico’s Board of Supervisors last night to make Henrico a so-called Second Amendment sanctuary locality, but supervisors instead passed a resolution indicating simply that they would uphold the state and United States constitutions. The 3-2 vote was split along party lines, with all three Republicans – including Tuckahoe Supervisor Pat O’Bannon, who introduced it – voting in favor of it and the board’s two Democrats voting against it.

VaNews December 12, 2019

All five incumbent Henrico County supervisors win re-election

By C. SUAREZ ROJAS, Richmond Times-Dispatch (Metered Paywall - 7 articles a month)

Henrico County voters re-elected all five incumbents to the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, frustrating local Democrats’ efforts to take back political control.

VaNews November 6, 2019