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VaNews for Alexandria City

Chirilagua in Crisis

By MICHAEL LEE POPE, Connection Newspapers

Azucena Esquival lives in a cramped apartment in the Arlandria neighborhood of Alexandria, where the problem of community spread isn’t just theoretical. The pandemic is in her household. Earlier this month, she tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. Another adult in her household paid $300 to get a test, which was also positive. They are living with two people who have not been tested. None of them are currently working, and they have no source of income.

VaNews May 15, 2020

Most of Virginia begins gradual reopening

By ALAN SUDERMAN, Associated Press

Most of Virginia is beginning the first phase of a gradual reopening plan put in place by Gov. Ralph Northam. The governor is allowing some nonessential businesses to reopen Friday in most of the state. Northern Virginia, Richmond and Accomack County were all granted two week delays after elected leaders there expressed concern it was too early to open amid the coronavirus.

VaNews May 15, 2020

Northam delays northern Virginia reopening until May 29

By ALAN SUDERMAN, Associated Press

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is delaying northern Virginia’s reopening amid the coronavirus outbreak until at least May 29, two weeks after the rest of the state is expected to reopen. Northam said Tuesday he’s signed an executive order extending mandated closures and restrictions on businesses in northern Virginia, a heavily populated area where regional officials have said they are not yet ready to reopen.

VaNews May 13, 2020

Northern Va. nowhere near ready to reopen under Northam plan, officials say

By ANTONIO OLIVO, REBECCA TAN AND JENNA PORTNOY, Washington Post (Metered Paywall - 3 articles a month)

Northern Virginia, the state’s economic engine, is nowhere near ready to reopen Friday when Gov. Ralph Northam plans to begin lifting shutdown restrictions, the region’s top elected officials said Sunday, citing the continuing increase in coronavirus infections and hospitalizations. In a joint letter, the elected leaders in Northern Virginia’s five largest jurisdictions — representing nearly 2.4 million residents — told Northam (D) they are unwilling to lift restrictions in place since late March, which the governor plans to do in a limited capacity Friday in hopes of reviving the state’s ailing economy.

VaNews May 11, 2020

In Northern Virginia, A Grassroots Push To Help Latinos Combat Coronavirus


As Latino households across the country are pummeled by the virus outbreak, staff from Neighborhood Health, a chain of medical clinics in northern Virginia, have stepped up testing efforts in areas where that community is hardest-hit. Of the health center's 30,000 patients, 50% are Latino immigrants hailing from Central America. They are predominantly low-income and uninsured. And though they make up half of the patient population, Latinos represent nearly 90% of those who have tested positive for COVID-19 at the group's clinics.

VaNews May 11, 2020

COVID-19 data shows disproportionate impact on Hispanics in Northern Virginia


Hispanic residents in Northern Virginia comprise a disproportionate amount of cases of COVID-19, according to data from the Virginia Department of Health. Including health districts in Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William, Northern Virginia has a combined 10,231 COVID-19 cases. Hispanics in the region account for 3,487 COVID-19 cases, which is about 34% of the total number, and 54.7% of all reported cases that include ethnicity (3,858 cases were reported to public health officials without information on ethnicity).

VaNews May 6, 2020

Region’s persistent caseload shows shutdown’s limitations

By KYLE SWENSON AND JENNA PORTNOY, Washington Post (Metered Paywall - 3 articles a month)

The District, Maryland and Virginia have been shut down for weeks, their economies in tatters. Large swaths of the population venture out only rarely, wrapped in masks and gloves. But hundreds of new coronavirus cases are still reported each day as the virus continues its devastating march through nursing homes, jails and other institutional settings.

VaNews May 1, 2020

Alexandria closes outdoor spaces due to coronavirus


Playgrounds, recreation centers and other outdoor areas have been shut down by the City of Alexandria in order to slow the spread of coronavirus, the city announced Saturday afternoon. The closures, announced in conjunction with Alexandria City Public Schools, target basketball and tennis courts, fenced-in fields and dog parks.

VaNews March 23, 2020

Alexandria land sale a concern for renters

By PATRICIA SULLIVAN, Washington Post (Metered Paywall - 3 articles a month)

For years, residents of the 2,664 apartments along Beauregard Street in Alexandria’s West End neighborhood have been in a sort of rental purgatory, uncertain how long they would be able to stay in their modestly priced homes. They knew their landlord and four nearby property owners had struck a deal with the city to allow them to greatly expand the number of apartments, and guarantee only 800 affordable units.

VaNews September 5, 2017

Alexandria looking into feasibility of luring the Potomac Nationals

By DREW HANSEN, Washington Business Journal (Subscription required for some articles)

Alexandria may want to play ball with the Potomac Nationals. Just a day after the owner of the Washington Nationals' minor league affiliate said he would explore moving or selling the team after failing to reach an accord on a new ballpark in Prince William County, Alexandria officials are ready to test the waters.

VaNews July 17, 2017