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VaNews for 2012 US Representative - District 5 - Regular General and 2012 US Representative - District 5 - Regular Primary

Hurt says he'll continue his commitment

By TIFFANY HOLLAND, Danville Register & Bee

Even though President Barack Obama and U.S. Senate candidate Tim Kaine turned Virginia blue on Tuesday, Rep. Robert Hurt, R-5th District, and his fellow Republican Congressmen in the Commonwealth easily kept their seats. Much different than his first race, Hurt won the 5th District with 55 percent of the vote over Democratic challenger Gen. John Douglass.

VaNews November 8, 2012

Democrats take one last swing through Southside

By TIFFANY HOLLAND, Danville Register & Bee

With four days before voters head to the polls, Democratic Senate candidate Tim Kaine made one last swing through the Dan River Region and brought his longtime friend, U.S. Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., to rally the crowd for the Democratic ticket. Kaine, Warner and congressional candidate John Douglass addressed about 60 supporters at the Danville Democratic headquarters before they went to phone bank and help get out the vote.

VaNews November 3, 2012

Third party candidate visits Danville

By TIFFANY HOLLAND, Danville Register & Bee

When 5th District voters head to polls on Election Day, they may be a little surprised to see three names on the ballot for the congressional race. Along with Republican incumbent Rep. Robert Hurt and Democratic challenger Gen. John Douglass, voters can cast their vote for Ken Hildebrandt, the independent Green Party nominee.

VaNews November 1, 2012

Tom Perriello: Have flipcharts, will travel

By LAURA VOZZELLA, Washington Post (Metered Paywall - 3 articles a month)

And you thought Tom Perriello, who in 2010 lost his Charlottesville-area congressional seat after one term, might be inclined to sit out the 2012 elections.

VaNews November 2, 2012

5th District rivals taking different approach to employment

By MASON ADAMS, Roanoke Times (Metered Paywall - 5 articles a month)

Freshman U.S. Rep. Robert Hurt and retired Air Force Gen. John Douglass hail from opposite ends of the 5th Congressional District -- the largest in Virginia -- and from largely opposing points on the ideological spectrum. The district, which after redistricting is larger than some states, stretches from the Southside Virginia counties that border North Carolina north past Charlottesville to include three new counties on the outskirts of Northern Virginia.

VaNews October 30, 2012

Candidates for 5th District clash over uranium

By GRAHAM MOOMAW, Daily Progress (Metered Paywall - 25 articles a month)

When Rep. Robert Hurt and John Douglass met earlier this month for a debate in Danville, it wasn’t hard to guess that sparks would fly if the talk turned to heavy metals. Douglass, a Democrat and retired Air Force brigadier general, had promised to call the Republican out for being connected to the uranium-mining project at the heart of a touchy statewide debate.

VaNews October 29, 2012

Business owner rallies for Hurt

By JOHN CRANE, Danville Register & Bee

Rep. Robert Hurt stopped in Danville on Friday afternoon to pick up an endorsement from the president of a food-service business. Donnie Stevens, president of DVF Food Services in Danville, endorsed Hurt and blamed the policies of President Barack Obama for the rising costs of running his business.

VaNews October 27, 2012

While harping on Hurt, Douglass took uraniumindustry money

By GRAHAM MOOMAW, Daily Progress (Metered Paywall - 25 articles a month)

Democratic congressional candidate John Douglass, who has made opposition to uranium mining a centerpiece of his campaign, received $4,250 in donations from executives at a major uranium supplier, election records show. The retired Air Force brigadier general characterized the donations as coming from former Navy colleagues at Bethesda, Md.-based USEC Inc. He vowed to donate $4,600 to a group working to maintain a state uranium mining ban.

VaNews October 26, 2012

Douglass took uranium industry donations

By TIM DAVIS, Star Tribune

Democratic congressional candidate Gen. John Douglass came under fire this week for accepting campaign contributions from uranium company officials. Douglass, who opposes uranium mining, has hammered his 5th District opponent, Republican Rep. Robert Hurt, for not taking a stronger stand against uranium.

VaNews October 25, 2012

Fighting for the 5th: Can Democrats retake Virginia’s largest district?


Analysts say the contest for Virginia’s 5th District will probably go to Republican incumbent Robert Hurt, and with a number of factors working against the challenger, newcomer General John Douglass, it’s hard to believe any but the most ardent Democrats disagree. But it’s a close race in a split and newly gerrymandered district that runs from Danville to Warrenton, home to broken down mill towns, tony horse farms, and NoVA commuter villages.

VaNews October 25, 2012