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VaNews for Nelson County

Supervisor spearheads effort to restore Rockfish Valley overlook

By KATRINA KOERTING, News & Advance (Metered Paywall - 18 articles a month)

A rock wall lines a pulloff overlook on U.S. 250 in Afton, near the Nelson and Albemarle county lines. Beyond the wall stand bare trees in the winter landscape. Through the trees, visitors can catch glimpses of Rockfish Valley sprawled below. Plans are in the works to restore the site to its former glory, granting motorists a full view of the landscape below.

VaNews January 7, 2013

Nelson superintendent voluntarily lowers pay to help budget

By KATRINA KOERTING, Nelson County Times

Nelson County’s school superintendent has voluntarily reduced his salary by more than $15,000, from about $182,400 to a little less than $164,000. “I voluntarily restructured my benefits to allow for greater flexibility with the budget,” said Superintendent Roger Collins. Collins was originally budgeted to receive a $30,000 raise per his June 2011 contract.

VaNews March 29, 2012

Nelson supervisors reject reassessment of property values

By KATRINA KOERTING , Nelson County Times

The Nelson County Board of Supervisors decided to reject the 2012 reassessment at its meeting Thursday. Supervisors rejected the reassessment conducted by Blue Ridge Mass Appraisal, a Staunton-based company, for reasons brought to the board’s attention over the past few months. “I feel strongly that it was done incorrectly,” said Larry Saunders, the South District representative.

VaNews March 23, 2012

Nelson supervisors concerned about reassessment results

By KATRINA KOERTING, News & Advance (Metered Paywall - 18 articles a month)

A special Board of Supervisors meeting was held last Friday to discuss the county’s reassessment. At the meeting, supervisors expressed concerns and asked the owners of Blue Ridge Mass Appraisal, the company that did the county’s assessment, questions, most of which dealt with specific properties. Since the county’s ordinance requires a reassessment be done every four years, the supervisors did not have to have a vote to accept the values.

VaNews February 16, 2012

Wintergreen announces plans to combat financial troubles

By KATRINA KOERTING, News & Advance (Metered Paywall - 18 articles a month)

Wintergreen Resort on Wednesday announced the broad outlines of a plan to combat financial challenges that includes the elimination of fewer than a dozen full-time jobs as part of an overall restructuring of operations. The initiative is expected to reduce annual labor and benefit costs by $600,000, according to a statement from Wintergreen Partners Inc. on Wednesday.

VaNews February 9, 2012

Nelson County faces lack of fire and rescue volunteers

By KATRINA KOERTING, News & Advance (Metered Paywall - 18 articles a month)

Fire departments across the country are faced with countless challenges, and those in Nelson County are no exception. The biggest obstacle for the county’s departments is a lack of volunteers, especially younger ones. Reasons for the shortfall in Nelson include people traveling outside of the county to work and the time needed to complete required training. Other challenges include funding and lack of equipment.

VaNews February 2, 2012

Piedmont Virginia Community College excited for extra state funding

By TED STRONG, Daily Progress (Metered Paywall - 25 articles a month)

Piedmont Virginia Community College officials are excited that the governor’s plan for higher education funding could mean more money for their school. Gov. Bob McDonnell’s plan includes millions in funding for higher education statewide, including some money aimed at encouraging higher graduation rates.

VaNews January 5, 2012

Nelson County official charged with embezzlement returns to work

By STAFF, News & Advance (Metered Paywall - 18 articles a month)

Nelson County’s emergency services coordinator returned to work after being placed on administrative leave. Ray Uttaro, who also serves as the animal control supervisor, was on administrative leave with pay from Nov. 29 to Dec. 18. Uttaro returned to work on Dec. 19, said County Administrator Steve Carter.

VaNews January 4, 2012

Incumbent wins recount in Nelson sheriff's race

By KATRINA KOERTING , News & Advance (Metered Paywall - 18 articles a month)

A recount in the Nelson County sheriff's race confirmed David Brooks as the winner Thursday night. Brooks, the incumbent, received 14 more votes than Mac Bridgwater in the recount.

VaNews December 23, 2011

Recount set for Thursday in Nelson County Sheriff's race

By STAFF, News & Advance (Metered Paywall - 18 articles a month)

A recount in the Nelson County Sheriff race has been set for Thursday. Mac Bridgwater received nine votes less than David Brooks, the incumbent sheriff, in the November election.

VaNews December 21, 2011