House Republican Campaign Committee

The House Republican Campaign Committee was set up to raise money by members of the GOP Caucus in the House of Delegates after the breakup of the Joint Republican Caucus fundraising efforts in 2004.

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Committees reported making payments to House Republican Campaign Committee for the following services:

Amount Committee
$679,000 Dominion Leadership Trust
$57,500 Republican Party - Virginia Joint Republican Caucus
$56,000 McGinn For Delegate - Kelly
$26,250 O'Bannon for Delegate - John
$15,333 Albo for Delegate - David
$12,000 Leftwich for Delegate - Jay
$11,807 Virginia Senate Republican Caucus
$10,625 Peace for Delegate - Christopher
$9,750 Bloxom for Delegate - Rob
$8,250 Cole for Delegate - Mark
$7,750 Ware for Delegate - Lee
$7,500 Miller for Delegate - Jackson
$7,500 Kilgore for Delegate - Terry
$7,000 McNamara for Delegate - Joe
$7,000 Cox for Delegate - Kirk
$6,500 Marshall for Delegate - Danny
$6,500 Byron for Delegate - Kathy
$6,300 Welch for Delegate - John
$6,000 Bell for Delegate - Rob
$6,000 Landes for Delegate - Steven