"I would like to see or be able to generate numbers of voters in the Democratic and Republican June 13th primaries for Governor, but broken out by House of Delegates district (1-100)."

Janice Bayer

Newport News

July 2, 2017

VPAP says:

Sounds like an easy question, right? Wrong. The State Department of Elections does not publish election results by state House (or state Senate) districts. Anyone who does have results is providing only their best estimate.

VPAP comes up with its estimate using precinct-level results from in-person votes. For precincts that are split between two or more legislative districts, VPAP apportions the votes based on the number of registered voters in each legislative district.

The map below is our best estimation of how the three candidates running in the June 13 GOP primary for Governor fared in each of the 100 House districts. (Stay tuned for the same treatment for the Democratic primary held on the same day.)

Can you break down gubernatorial primary results by House districts?

Want to suggest a data visualization?