CD 7: Turnout, Democratic Performance

The map below show how two variables -- change in turnout, change in partisan performance -- played out in Republican Rep. Dave Brat's loss to Democrat Abigail Spanberger.

Change in Democratic Performance: Compares percentage of votes received by Democratic 7th District congressional candidate in November 2018 compared to percentage of votes received in November 2016. Range: +0.4 pts to +13.8 pts.

Change in Turnout: Compares November 2018 voter turnout in each precinct relative to district-wide turnout with November 2016 turnout. Formula: [2018 precinct turnout % - 2018 district turnout %] - [2016 precinct turnout % - 2016 district turnout %]. Range: -9.2 pts to +9.9 pts