Donor Networks

Both political parties have people who finance multiple House of Delegates candidates.

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A decade ago, Republicans and Democrats had donor networks of similar size.
Each represents an individual who donated $250 or more to at least five different legislative candidates of the same political party.
By 2017, the Democratic network had grown much larger.
16 Republicans gave a total of $156,462
89 Democrats gave a total of $1.1 million
Donors who gave the most to House candidates.
William B Holtzman
Gave: $37,000
Connections: 5
Ed Rice
Gave: $229,620
Connections: 36
Candidates who received money from the largest number of donors within their party’s network
O'Bannon for Delegate – John
Received: $10,500
Connections: 8
Bell for Delegate – John
Received: $88,800
Connections: 44
These donor networks were a relatively small part of overall giving in 2017. But the Democratic network provided nearly $1 million more than the Republican counterpart.
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March 18, 2019