In-District Donors

How much did candidates who ran for the House of Delegates rely upon donations from people who live in their districts and companies located there? The chart below calculates the percentage of in-district money that each candidate reported.

Source: Virginia Department of Elections
Methodology: The dollar amounts above are Schedule A (cash) and B (in-kind) donations from people and companies reported between January 1, 2021 and November 25, 2021. VPAP calculated the percentage of in-district donations for each candidate by converting the listed mailing address for each donor to its geographical coordinates, also known as "geocoding." VPAP then determined if the point lies within the physical boundaries of the legislative district sought by the candidate. Note: VPAP considered those mailing addresses it was unable to geocode -- such as PO Boxes or invalid addresses -- to not be within the candidate's district.
Caveat 1: There is no requirement that candidates list a donor's residential address in campaign finance reports. These in-district estimates could be affected if the address listed for a donor was his or her business address or second home.
Caveat 2: Campaign donors who have given to various candidates or over a long period of time can be listed with multiple addresses in VPAP's database. It's possible that the "primary" address identified by VPAP may be different from the donor's current residence.
Caveat 3: A candidate could not get credit for a donation from a national company that is a major employer in his or her district if the company's headquarters is based elsewhere.