Final Passage on Party Line

Democratic control of the General Assembly has been accompanied by a sharp increase in the number of bills that pass with all (or most) of the majority party in support and all (or most) of the minority party in opposition.

Percent of Bills Passed On or Near Party Lines in Both Chambers

Percent of Bills passed

Methodology: A "party-line vote" is when every member of one party votes one way and every member of the other party votes the other. VPAP defines "near party-line" as any vote in which 90% or more of either party voted the same way. The percentage of bills above is based on this formula: (The number of bills approved by the legislature each year in which the vote for final passage in both chambers was a party-line or near party-line) / (The total number of bills passed both chambers each year). Does not include commendations or other memorializing resolutions.

Source: Virginia Division of Legislative Services

March 9, 2021