Methodology: In determining which House of Delegates races to feature, VPAP considered several factors, including races where candidates have bought the most TV ads and where both candidates are raising large amounts of money. VPAP also weighed information gleaned from conversations with reporters and political consultants from both political parties.
  1. Candidate information: VPAP research and candidates' campaign staff
  2. Population and Turnout: Latest data from the State Board of Elections and L2 Political
  3. Census Profile: 2020 Redistricting data from the US Census Bureau
  4. Political Lean: VPAP Research and State Board of Elections
  5. Campaign Donations and Funding Sources: Campaign Finance reports on file with the State Board of Elections as of
  6. Political Ads: Campaign Media Analysis Group, a division of Kantar Media
  7. Independent Expenditures: State Board of Elections
Nov. 1, 2021