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Unlock the Voter File!


Thank you to the the more than 150 donors who helped us exceed our goals and successfully fund this campaign! We will now be able to buy a copy of the voter file and keep it updated over time. We're looking forward to sharing our analysis with you soon!

Special thanks to Cox Communications for underwriting the cost of video production and outreach for this campaign, and to Leonard Bennett, who matched the final $3,750 of donations dollar-for-dollar.

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Are you frustrated when elections are treated like a partisan game?

Here's your chance to join people from across the political spectrum as part of fair-minded initiative to better understand voter participation.

We need your help raising $5,300 to buy a copy of the statewide voter file from the Virginia Department of Elections.

Until now, the only people with access to the voter database have been those seeking to game the elections.

The nonpartisan Virginia Public Access Project has a different idea. You can help us use the voter file to inform you and your neighbors about trends in voter participation. Your donation will help answer important questions, like:

  • How do young Virginians vote, or not vote?
  • How wide is the gender gap?
  • How, if at all, have elections been swayed by restoration of felon voting rights?

If you're ready to join us in making a positive impact on Virginia politics, then donate today and share your support with your friends!

When will you see the results?

We will release our first round of analysis and data visualizations in time for the U.S. Senate and House elections this fall. Once the state updates the voter history file in early 2019, we will analyze voter participation across age, gender, race and socio-economic status.

You can trust our nonpartisan commitment.

The Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP) is a nonprofit organization with more than 20 years of experience in making government data more accessible and digestible. Our mission is to connect Virginians with nonpartisan information about government and politics in easily understood ways.

Our fierce dedication to nonpartisanship has won the trust of people from all points on political spectrum. We are supported by Republicans and Democrats alike who trust our fact-based approach.

Your privacy is paramount.

We will not disclose any voter's personal information found in the voter file. Our analysis will be limited to studying voter participation trends.

Thank you to Cox Communications for underwriting the cost of video production and outreach for this crowdfunding campaign.

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The Virginia Public Access Project is a 501-c-3 organization. All donations to VPAP are deductible on federal taxes to the full extent of the law. Federal tax ID: 54-1825691.

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