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Barbara J Byrd

Barbara Byrd has served on the Clarke County Board of Supervisors since 2000.
Party: Independent

Top Donors

All Years
Amount Donor
$19,970 Byrd, Harry F III
$1,200 Byrd, Thomas T
$584 Byrd, Barbara J
$500 Gregson, Teresa T
$500 Harrison, Stanley E
$500 Marsh, John D Jr
$300 Wilson, Sylvia
$250 Kraemer, Francis
$250 Lewis, Marjorie S
$250 MacLellan, Sarah
$250 Massie, Teresa J
$250 Ohrstrom, George L II
$200 Hillerson, Jay
$200 Riemenschneider, Richard
$200 Toxopeus, Alan G
$125 Catlett, Richard H Jr
$120 Weiss, Martha