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77 bills introduced

Date Received from LIS

September 19, 2014

 HJ5233 Commending Karen Cottrell. (Chief patron: Monty Mason)
 HJ5234 Celebrating the life of Matthew James Robinson, Jr. (Chief patron: Delores McQuinn)
 HJ5235 Celebrating the life of Major General Harold J. Greene. (Chief patron: Marcus Simon)
 HJ5236 Commending the Loudoun Free Clinic. (Chief patron: Dave LaRock)
 HJ5237 Commending the Free Medical Clinic of Northern Shenandoah Valley, Inc. (Chief patron: Dave LaRock)
 HJ5238 Commending HealthWorks for Northern Virginia. (Chief patron: Dave LaRock)
 HJ5239 Commending James D. Spurlock, Jr. (Chief patron: Randy Minchew)
 HJ5240 Celebrating the life of Roberta Neal Coldiron Rickers. (Chief patron: Roslyn Tyler)
 HJ5241 Celebrating the life of Melvin Poe. (Chief patron: Michael Webert)
 HJ5242 Commending Sedalia Baptist Church. (Chief patron: Scott Garrett)
 HJ5243 Commending the Richmond Jazz Society. (Chief patron: Betsy Carr)
 HJ5244 Commending Olivia Gillett. (Chief patron: Keith Hodges)
 HJ5245 Celebrating the life of William A. Thrall. (Chief patron: Michael Futrell)
 HJ5246 Commending the Fairfax County Community Action Advisory Board. (Chief patron: Kaye Kory)
 HJ5247 Commemorating the life and legacy of Maggie L. Walker. (Chief patron: Jennifer McClellan)
 HJ5248 Commending the Greater Richmond Partnership, Inc. (Chief patron: Jennifer McClellan)
 HJ5249 Commending Linden Resources. (Chief patron: Patrick Hope)
 HJ5250 Judges; election in circuit court, general district & juvenile & domestic relations district courts. (Chief patron: Manoli Loupassi)
 HJ5251 Commending Virginia Union University. (Chief patron: Jennifer McClellan)
 HJ5252 Commending Cindy Edwards. (Chief patron: Jeff Campbell)
 HJ5253 Commending Betsy Doxey. (Chief patron: Glenn Davis)
 HJ5254 Commending Lonnie C. Rich. (Chief patron: Rob Krupicka)
 HJ5255 Commending the Paramount Theater. (Chief patron: David Toscano)
 HJ5256 Commending James Haden. (Chief patron: David Toscano)
 HJ5257 Commending Lincoln Vernon Lewis. (Chief patron: David Toscano)
 HJ5258 Commending First Presbyterian Church. (Chief patron: David Toscano)
 HJ5259 Commending Franklin Sherman Elementary School.
 HJ5260 Commending the Halifax American Ponytails all-star softball team. (Chief patron: James Edmunds)
 HJ5261 Commending North Halifax Volunteer Fire Department. (Chief patron: James Edmunds)
 HJ5262 Commending STIHL Inc. (Chief patron: Bill DeSteph)
 HR569 Commending Le Cercle Charmant. (Chief patron: Monty Mason)
 HR570 Commending Dan Stimson. (Chief patron: Monty Mason)
 HR571 Commending the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Tall Cedars Ward. (Chief patron: David Ramadan)
 HR572 Commending William J. Kilberg. (Chief patron: Barbara Comstock)
 HR573 Commending Checkered Flag Motor Car Corporation. (Chief patron: Bill DeSteph)
 HR574 Celebrating the life of Alfonso Joseph Strazzullo. (Chief patron: Bill DeSteph)
 HR575 Commending McLean Youth Athletics, Inc. (Chief patron: Barbara Comstock)
 HR576 Judges; nominations for election to circuit court. (Chief patron: Manoli Loupassi)
 HR577 Judges; nominations for election to general district court. (Chief patron: Manoli Loupassi)
 HR578 Judges; nominations for election to juvenile and domestic relations district court. (Chief patron: Manoli Loupassi)
 HR579 Commending the Old Brogue. (Chief patron: Barbara Comstock)
 SB5001 Patient-Centered Medical Home Advisory Council; established. (Chief patron: Bill Stanley)
 SB5006 Medicaid; regional care organizations. (Chief patron: Bill Stanley)
 SB5007 Medicaid; accountable care organizations. (Chief patron: Bill Stanley)
 SB5008 Medicare; reduction tax credit. (Chief patron: Bill Stanley)
 SB5009 Health insurance exchanges, private; registration and operation. (Chief patron: Bill Stanley)
 SB5010 Medical school scholarships; expands eligibility of program. (Chief patron: Bill Stanley)
 SB5011 Telemedicine; pilot program. (Chief patron: Bill Stanley)
 SB5012 Health benefit plans; renewal of nonconforming policies. (Chief patron: George Barker)
 SJ5071 Commending Eastern Shore volunteer fire departments.