Finance Reports: Fairfax City Mayor Special Election

VPAP has posted the pre-election campaign finance reports for the three Fairfax City Mayoral candidates running in a special election next Tuesday. 

These reports were due at midnight on Monday and were intended to cover all fundraising and spending acvitity from July 1, 2016 to January 27, 2017. However, based on guidance provided by the State Department of Elections, Meyer's pre-election report covers activity only through January 18.

Michael DeMarco (I) $22,228
David Meyer (I) $14,324
Ellie Schmidt (I) $13,443

Next Tuesday's special election was called last year following the resignation of then-Mayor Scott Silverthorne.

In addition to the reports filed yesterday, the mayoral candidates are required to report any donations of $500 or more by the close of the next business day. Here are large, pre-election donations reported so far:

Jan. 31, 2017