About Us

Mission: to elevate public understanding of Virginia politics and government by organizing and presenting public information in ways that are easily accessible to all and free of partisan bias.

Our Vision

An informed citizenry is key to a robust democracy. The Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP) was established in 1997 with the goal of providing Virginians access to public documents reflecting financial aspects of politics. Over the years, VPAP has expanded its services to offer citizens access to diverse political news and public data on topics like campaign finance, elections, registrations and disclosures, legislative votes, and political developments.

We are committed to remaining fiercely non-partisan and to fostering transparency in Virginia's politics and government in a way that enables Virginia citizens have the information necessary to make decisions that align with their values.

VPAP is dedicated to remaining relevant to political and governmental leaders, lobbyists, and others who have an interest in and use our data in their daily work. We continually strive to develop innovative strategies that engage a wide spectrum of Virginia's citizens, from those consistently following political news to those seeking information during election cycles.


VPAP's unique, nonpartisan approach is supported by Republicans and Democrats alike. Our work has won awards from numerous organizations, including the Virginia Coalition for Open Government, the Wilder School of Public Policy at VCU and the Society of Professional Journalists.

VPAP's 990 is available on ProPublica .

Strategic Plan

2024 Bridge Strategic Plan