VPAP provides a list of entertainment and gifts that lobbyists reported providing to legislative and executive officials. Lobbyists must report these expenses twice a year (June and December). Before 2014, lobbyist disclosures were annual.

VPAP no longer lists all line items in lobbyist spending reports. The switch to more frequent reporting (from annual to semi-annual) has led VPAP to make hard choices about how it deploys its limited resources. Itemized lobbyist spending reports long have been a problematic data set. The lack of clear standards in how certain expenses are reported - personnel and communications costs in particular - make it difficult to compared spending by different organizations. For that reason, lobbyist spending can be a highly unreliable metric for measuring engagement.
Disclosure Period:

Top Entertainers for 2018

Amount Host
$28,711 Va Chamber of Commerce (Richmond)
$20,273 Virginia Realtors (Glen Allen)
$16,092 Capital Results LLC (Richmond)
$13,473 Va AFL-CIO (Henrico)
$10,872 Va Catholic Conference (Richmond)
$10,650 Virginia21 (Richmond)
$8,961 Chesapeake Bay Foundation (Richmond)
$8,717 Va Bankers Assn (Glen Allen)
$8,709 SEIU Virginia 512 (Fairfax)
$8,571 ChamberRVA (Richmond)
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Top Gift Givers for 2018

Amount Gift Giver
$250 Va Foxhound Club (Middleburg)
$197 Medical Society of Va (Henrico)
$175 Va Sheriffs Assn (Richmond)
$126 Va Retail Merchants Assn (Richmond)
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