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Rick West

Richard West has served as Mayor of Chesapeake City since November 2017, Previously, he served on the Chesapeake City Council from 2008-2017.
Party: Independent

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$150 McCormick, John M
$150 Rowling, Susan V
$150 Royal, J Randall
$125 Arnhold Marketing Services Inc
$125 Calhoun, James E
$125 DeTriquet, Carole
$125 EET LLC
$100 Bogan, Theodore Jr
$100 Donn Irby Inc.
$100 Head, Barbara B
$100 Petrovich, Neal A
$100 Poppen, Nancy A
$100 Rowe, John
$100 Royal, Mollie A
$100 Saunders, Andrew B
$100 Whitehurst, Patricia C
$75 Montero, Juan M II
$50 Castellow, Shirley H
$50 McCrory, Donald
$50 Smith, Jacqueline M
$30 Folkes, Stradford Grey Jr
$25 Cross, Kimberly