Dick Saslaw

Dick Saslaw has served in the State Senate since 1980 (SD35).
Also served in the House of Delegates from 1976 to 1980 (HD19).
Represents constituents who live in previous SD35

Donors by Occupation: Electric Utilities

All Years
Amount Donor
$535,508 Dominion Energy
$90,000 Appalachian Power Co
$27,500 Farrell, Thomas F II
$13,150 Allegheny Energy
$11,500 Virginia Maryland & Delaware Assn of Electric Cooperatives
$7,500 Koonce, Paul D
$7,000 Old Dominion Electric Cooperative
$6,500 Tenaska
$2,500 Murray, William Lawrence
$2,500 Blue, Robert M Sr
$1,750 Direct Energy
$1,500 Webb, Mark Overton
$1,000 Christian, David A
$1,000 Edison Mission Energy
$1,000 Blevins, Phillip Rodney
$1,000 Dominion Resources
$750 Nova Electric Cooperative
$500 Weekley, Daniel Arnold
$500 Wohlfarth, Thomas P
$500 Doswell, Mary C