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Dick Saslaw

Dick Saslaw has served in the State Senate since 1980 (SD35).
Also served in the House of Delegates from 1976 to 1980 (HD19).
Represents constituents who live in previous SD35

Top Donors

All Years
Amount Donor
$25,000 Murray, James B Jr
$25,000 Shenoy, Sudhakar V
$24,500 Va Beverage Assn
$24,000 Va Leadership PAC
$23,388 Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce
$23,000 Peterson, Jon M
$23,000 Va Sheriffs Assn
$22,500 Va Assn for Commercial Real Estate
$22,000 Metallurgical Coal Producers Assn PAC
$22,000 Peterson, Milton V
$22,000 Toll Road Investors Partnership II
$21,850 Va Transportation Construction Alliance
$21,750 Va Education Assn
$21,716 Bank of America
$21,600 AT&T
$21,000 Marquez, Dario O Jr
$21,000 Micron Technology Inc
$21,000 Mid-Atlantic Laborers' Political Education Fund
$20,250 Va Society of Certified Public Accountants
$20,000 Abramson, Ronald D
$20,000 Bennett, Leonard A
$20,000 Washington Commanders
$19,500 Columbia Gas of Va
$19,343 Democratic Party of Virginia
$19,000 Va Society of Anesthesiologists