Va Education Assn - Valley PAC

This committee is no longer active. Last report available was filed in 2019


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Expenditure information for 2014 and later. View Political Donations

Amount Vendor Date Description
$1,000 Baker Steve 10/20/2015 Donation to Board of Supervisor race in Shenandoah County
$750 Neese Dick 10/19/2017 Campaign Contribution
$750 Morris Dennis 10/19/2017 Campaign Contribution
$319 Shenandoah County Education Association 1/23/2014 Room rental and security
$100 Hostetter Samuel 4/20/2018 Endorsement of Candidate
$100 Dowdy Nancy 4/26/2016 Donation to City Council Race in Waynesboro
$100 Anderson Elzena 4/26/2016 Donation to Candidate for Waynesboro City Council
$100 Laurenzo Shelly 4/26/2016 Donation to Waynesboro School Board Candidate
$100 Kirk Joy E 3/16/2017 PAC Fundraiser
$100 Kirk Joy E 5/17/2018 Valley PAC contribution for VEA fund auction
$100 Smith Erika 4/20/2018 Endorsement of Candidate
$100 VEA Fund for Children and Education 4/22/2016 Donation to VEA Fund for Children and Public Education
$94 Kirk Joy E 4/16/2015 PAC Fundraiser VEA Fund
$76 Nichols Jamie 1/7/2014 Flyers and Supplies for Candidate Forum
$66 Shenandoah County Education Association 1/7/2014 Refreshments for Candidate Forum
$47 Wagoner Rosemary 5/23/2018 Certified Mail Candidates for School Board
$24 Via Molly 5/23/2018 Candidate reception meet & greet
$24 Via Molly 5/3/2016 Reimbursement for Certified Mailing for Committee