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Amount Vendor Date Description
$1,000 Sharon Bulova for Chairman 10/23/2015 Contribution to Joint Mailing organized by Chairman Sharon Bulova's campaign committee
$1,000 Democratic Committee Fairfax County 7/31/2015 FCDC Joint Campaign literature, invoice date June 19, 2015
$719 Printing & Graphics Inc. D&P 10/13/2015 100 Yard Signs
$508 HostCentric EIG 1/6/2017 Kaufax for Schools Website renewal 2 years
$300 Route 1 Progress PNC Democrats for 9/29/2015 contribution to Democrats for Route 1 Progress PNC
$285 Edison Academy (Edison High School) 10/16/2015 Food platters for SB candidate event
$250 Centric Host 12/9/2013 for annual web hosting services (2 year renewal)
$200 Committee Fairfax County Democratic 3/24/2015 FCDC Filing Fee
$200 Ted Velkoff for School Board 10/27/2015 campaign contribution to Ted Velkoff for School Board
$200 Democrats for Route 1 Progress 10/17/2015 Joint Literature production and distribution
$140 US Post Office - Alexandria 1/5/2018 Post Office Box renewal USPS
$134 Franconia Post Office 1/29/2016 USPS Post office box annual renewal
$134 US Post Office - Alexandria 1/30/2017 PO Box annual renewal
$128 US Post Office - Alexandria 1/15/2015 Annual Renewal of Campaign PO Box
$120 US Post Office - Alexandria 1/8/2013 annual renewal of campaign committee PO box
$106 Printing & Graphics Inc. D&P 2/19/2015 Remittance envelopes for campaign contributions
$100 Kathy Smith for Sully Supervisor 10/27/2015 contribution to campaign of Kathy Smith for Supervisor
$100 Fairfax Forward 7/1/2016 support Fairfax Forward meal tax campaign
$100 Karen 4 Schools Campaign Committee 10/27/2015 campaign contribution to karen Corbett Sanders for School Board
$100 Ryan McEleveen for School Board 10/27/2015 contribution to Ryan (McEleveen) for School Board