Hirschmann for Harrisonburg City Council- George

Party: Independent

Hirschmann for Harrisonburg City Council- George: Committee


Expenditure information for 2014 and later.

Amount Vendor Date Description
$150 Blevins Wyatt na 11/18/2020 Fee for Campaign Team participation
$1,700 Rodriguey Alex 11/1/2020 Fee paid to Campaign Manager for services rendered during Campaign
$500 McGraw Nancy Leah 11/1/2020 Fee paid to Treasurer for campaign services
$40 Domino's Pizza 10/31/2020 Lunch for Campaign volunteers
$15 Wells Fargo 10/27/2020 monthly service fee
$616 Garrison Press 10/27/2020 Re-Elect George Hirschmann Cards
$825 Daily Herald Record 10/27/2020 Campaign ad in Daily Herald Record
$118 Madison Print Service 10/27/2020 Campaign Printing Services for banners
$3,421 Printing Express 10/18/2020 Printing services for advertising
$1,500 BW Strategy Group 10/18/2020 Advertisements Ads for Hirschmann Campaign
$70 The Citizen 10/14/2020 Ad posted in Citizen Newspaper
$53 Harrisonburg Postal office 10/2/2020 6 month U.S. Post Office Service fee for P.O Box. Used to receive mail for Hirschmann Campaign
$9 Rockingham Ace Hardware DIV of Rockingham CO-OP 9/24/2020 Plastic ties for campaign signs
$131 Rockingham Cooperative 9/24/2020 Poles for campaign signs
$3,000 Glenn Alan na 9/12/2020 Internet Campaign Ads for George Hirschmann message
$1 Paypal Paypal 8/20/2020 Paypal service fee for campaign contribution amount of $25.00.
$774 The Printing Express 8/17/2020 Printing service for banners
$15 Wells Fargo Wells Fargo 8/13/2020 Monthly Service fee for George Hirschmann Campaign Wellsfargo Bank account- month of August 2020
$3 Paypal Paypal 7/16/2020 PayPal service fee for cash contribution of $100.00
$53 Postal office Postal office 5/7/2020 P.O Box rental (box number 1611) start date 05/07/20 - next renewal date 10/31/20 used to receive Ca