Babyok for Louisa Supervisor - Robert

Party: Independent


This committee is no longer active. Last report available was filed in 2021

Babyok for Louisa Supervisor - Robert: Committee


Expenditure information for 2014 and later.

Amount Vendor Date Description
$2,261 Babyok Robert Francis 10/13/2021 Printing and Mailing postcardsMSV mailing services of VA
$1,219 Barnes Fitzgerald F 8/8/2021 Provided lunch for elementary school teachers/staff
$1,134 Babyok Robert Francis 11/1/2021 Postcards and mailing
$500 Babyok Robert Francis 10/15/2021 Ad on Sign Spring Creek Business Park
$260 Babyok Robert Francis 10/4/2021 Printed FlyersPrint Place job order 08597312
$250 Louisa High School Committee 9/2/2021 Louisa High School Yearbook Contribution
$226 Babyok Robert Francis 11/4/2021 Signs/handouts
$171 My Campaign Store Clerk 8/10/2021 Bumper Stickers
$33 Department of Elections SBE 9/10/2021 Green Springs District registered Voter List
$20 Matthews Bruce Francis 8/7/2021 Shirt embroidery