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Senate: General Elections

Note: Districts were renumbered starting in 2023. The district numbers in past elections do not relate to the current district numbers

Election Date: Nov. 7, 2023

District Democrat Republican Other
SD4 John Edwards*
Dave Suetterlein*
SD17 Clint Jenkins
Emily Brewer
SD20 Lynwood Lewis*
Victoria Luevanos
Bill DeSteph*
Jen Kiggans*
SD22 Aaron Rouse
Cheryl Turpin
Kevin H Adams
SD24 Monty Mason*
Danny Diggs
SD27 Ben Litchfield
Luke Radley Wright
Tara Durant
Matt Strickland
SD30 Danica Roem
Ian Lovejoy
SD31 Zach Cummings
Jill Vogel*
SD33 Hala Ayala
Jennifer Carroll Foy
Michael Van Meter
SD38 Jennifer Boysko*
Janet Howell*
Matthew Lang

* Incumbent