Mark Warner

Mark Warner has served in the United State Senate since 2009. He is a former Governor of Virginia.

Currently represents US Senator

Valued at $2,910

Value Gift Giver
$250 Lindner, Eric J
$200 Va Health Foundation Board
$200 Frett, Debbie
$150 Washington Football Team
$100 Blum, Ronald D
$100 Boone, Raymond
$75 Pratt, Footsie
$75 Bertram, Aaron Donald
$75 Burton, John
$75 Collins, Randolph M
$75 Dietze, Jane
$75 Suh, James J
$75 Ahn, Jin
$75 Price, Carl
$75 Lucien, David C
$75 Applegate, Brion
$75 Popovsky, Alan
$75 Cole, Milton
$75 Altria
$75 Juvenile Diabetes Foundation

METHODOLOGY: Mark Warner reported these items on Schedule F (paid conferences) and Schedule G (gifts) in his personal finance disclosures, known as Statements of Economic Interests. Prior to 2014, VPAP combined Schedule D-1 and Schedule E because many candidates use them interchangeably.