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If Money Were Votes...

Total Raised: $20,849,813


Strong advantage (more than 10%)


Total Raised: $10,219,232


Strong advantage (more than 10%)


Source: Federal Election Commission. Donations limited to those made by individuals and limited partnerships with a Virginia mailing address.

Some candidates (particularly President Trump in 2020) who raise money indirectly through other committees are required to list more small donors than those who use more traditional fundraising methods.

  • Donations made directly to an authorized presidential campaign committee: Donors are listed only if their aggregate contributions to a candidate exceed $200.
  • Donations made to a presidential candidate indirectly through another committee: Donors are listed no matter how small their total aggregate giving.

This means some presidential candidates have disclosed the names of nearly every donor in a ZIP code, while others may list only those who have given more than $200.