Obama-Romney have raised majority of Va. funds in NoVa

Presidential candidates Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama each have raised nearly $2 million total from Virginia individuals this year. More than half of each candidate's funds have been raised in Northern Virginia. 

Funds raised by region

Region Obama Romney
Capital Region $164,665
I-95 Corridor
Inside the Beltway
Northern Virginia
Roanoke/New River
Shenandoah Valley
South Hampton Roads

Romney holds an overall lead in Virginia among donors who have given at least $200. Romney has raised $1.9 million -- 78 percent from Northern Virginia. Obama has raised $1.8 million -- 70 percent from Northern Virginia.

The figures do not include totals from small donors.

In May, Romney out-raised Obama $547,759 to $391,745, according to a list of itemized presidential donors from Virginia provided by the Virginia Public Access Project and the nonprofit Center for Responsive Politics. However, Obama received more donations: 855 donations of $200 or more compared to 515 for Romney.

VPAP has created a ZIP Code map that provides a side-by-side comparison of money raised by Obama and Romney:



In May, $200-plus Va. donors gave more to Romney than Obama

Julian Walker

In May Romney outraised Obama in Va. donations of $200 or more


July 2, 2012