So You Think You're a PUNDIT Winner

The election may be over, but there's still another victor to be crowned.

This year's best presidential and Senate race predictions came from Loren Hershey, earning him the title of Virginia's top pundit.

Hershey, an Oakton resident and longtime follower of, beat out 282 other political junkies who entered So You Think You're a PUNDIT, VPAP's election prediction contest. The contest asked participants to predict the winners of the presidency and Virginia's Senate race, as well as answer two tiebreaker questions.

Along with 134 others, Hershey correctly chose Barack Obama and Tim Kaine as the winners of the presidential and Senate races. 

In the first tiebreaker, which asked the percentage of the vote Virgil Goode would win in the 5th congressional district, participants made predictions ranging from 0.33% to 24.39%. According to the State Board of Elections, Goode earned 0.69% of the vote. There were two guesses, including Hershey's, of 0.66% -- taking him to the final round.

The second tiebreaker asked what percentage of the vote George Allen would receive in the Senate race. Hershey's prediction, 47.76%, was just tenths of a point away from the 47.54% that went to Allen.

Nov. 7, 2012