Where Kaine REALLY outperformed

Tim Kaine outperformed Barack Obama in every region of Virginia.

Kaine won 52.44% of the vote in the Senate race, compared to the 50.68% that Obama won in the presidential -- a statewide differential of 1.76 percentage points.

Kaine did better in some regions. Here is a breakdown of the margin -- measured in percentage points -- that Kaine outperformed Obama:

Southwest Virginia                          +3.59
Capital Region                                 +2.35
Northern Neck/Middle Peninsula    +2.21        
Valley of Virginia                            +1.79
Piedmont                                         +1.72
Hampton Roads                               +1.63
Northern Virginia                            +1.12
Southside Virginia                           +0.91

Kaine was most successful at persuading Republicans to split their tickets -- voting for Republican Romney for president and Democrat Kaine for Senate -- in the following two regions:

Southwest Virginia

Kaine ran TV ads highlighting his administration's efforts to build a new coal-fired power plant to distance himself from Obama, whose cap-and-trade legislation is seen by many in the region as an outright attack on coal.

Capital Region

Kaine's hometown is Richmond, where many voters remember him as first white mayor in decades in a black-majority city.

Nov. 8, 2012