GOP did better in absentee battle

Virginia Republicans may have lost the war, but the GOP performed better than expected in one key battle -- absentee votes.

Republicans worked hard to avoid a repeat of 2008, when Barack Obama entered election day with a lead of more than 100,000 votes thanks to an unexpected surge in absentee votes.

This year, Obama still won the battle for "early votes" but his margin of victory in absentee ballots was cut to 52,000, according to unofficial election returns from localities with centralized absentee voting.

Here are five localities where Romney's margins were much better in AB votes than total votes:

  • Richmond City - Romney won 38% of AB votes (21% overall)
  • Brunswick County - Romney won 46% of AB votes (37% overall)
  • Franklin City - Romney won 47% of AB votes (34% overall)
  • Williamsburg - Romney won 45% of AB votes (35% overall)
  • Martinsville - Romney won 45% of AB votes (37% overall)

Nov. 13, 2012