Insight 2013


In the coming year, the nonpartisan Virginia Public Access Project has a plan to bring political transparency to new levels.

General Assembly:

VPAP will bring its innovative, fact-based approach to legislative information starting with the 2013 General Assembly. Look for an index to search for bills by subject, tagging newspaper articles from VaNews with issues and a citizen's guide to navigating the oldest legislative body in the Western Hemisphere. We'll also add tolls that provide insights into the 140 men and women who represent the state's nearly 8 million residents.

Experience You Can Trust:

The coming year will mark VPAP's fifth gubernatorial election. We'll put our 16 years of experience following money in Virginia politics to work for you. Experience from the 2012 federal elections -- where nearly $40 million in secret money was spent in Virginia -- has us prepared for new twists in the ever-changing world of campaign finance.

Better Information:

VPAP will encourage political candidates to follow “best practices” for disclosure that should result in greater clarity about donors’ economic interests.

Analytics and Visualizations:

VPAP will continue to employ innovative technology to transform dry data into visually compelling and instantly meaningful insights into Virginia’s political landscape.

Dec. 10, 2012