House Committee Changes

VPAP has posted the 2013 House committee changes provided by the House Clerk's Office. Due to the resignations of David Englin and Kenneth Alexander, and the subsequent election of Robert Krupicka and Daun Hester, the following changes have been made, effective today:

Robert Bell - removed from Privileges and Elections.

Bob Brink - appointed to Privileges and Elections.

Rosalyn Dance - removed from Privileges and Elections, and appointed to Health, Welfare, and Institutions.

Eileen Filler-Corn - appointed to Finance.

Daun Hester - appointed to Privileges and Elections; and Education.

Algie Howell - appointed to Rules and removed from Counties, Cities, and Towns.

Mark Keam - appointed to Agriculture, Chesapeake, and Natural Resources.

Robert Krupicka - appointed to Counties, Cities, and Towns; and Privileges and Elections.

Lionell Spruill - removed from Privileges and Elections and appointed to Commerce and Labor.

Joseph Yost - appointed to Privileges and Elections.


Jan. 9, 2013