Senate Committee Assignments

Kenny Alexander's long wait in the committee wilderness is over.

Two weeks into the 2013 General Assembly session, the Senate released its committee lists that were held up as Senators picked over the gold-plated assignments of Alexander's predecessor, the late Yvonne Miller (D-Norfolk).

Alexander came away with three of four of Miller's assignments, but the biggest prize of all -- a seat on the budget-writing Finance Committee -- was given to a Republican.


Alexander was appointed to fill Miller's seat on Commerce & Labor, Rehabilitation and Social Services, and Transportation. Alexander also was given a slot on Privileges and Elections.

Miller's seat on Finance went to Sen. Bill Carrico -- increasing the panel's GOP majority from 9-6 to 10-5.

Overall, the Senate's partisan split is 20-20, with Republican Lt. Governor Bill Bolling the tie-breaker.

Here are other changes:

  • In taking a seat on Finance, Carrico gave up his seat on Rehabilitation and Social Services.
  • Sen. Phil Puckett leaves Privileges and Elections to make room for Alexander.
  • Sen. John Miller adds a fourth committee -- Rehabilitation and Social Services.

Jan. 24, 2013